Business plan

Little Sun has two prices: one for users living in areas with mains electricity (€20), and one for those living off grid (approximately half price).

Your participation drives ‘profit to the point’: when you buy a Little Sun, you know that profits go to the point where they are most needed. Retailers close to off-grid communities are able to make a profit while keeping Little Sun affordable, so that the lamps reach those users who do not have access to electricity – where Little Sun can make the most difference.

You can help by spreading the word, getting a Little Sun, or joining us online – by being a part of the Little Sun community.

We ensure that Little Sun is made available where typical commercial interests would not reach.

We focus our energy on the point where the need is most: where electricity is unavailable, unreliable, unaffordable, or unsustainable.

We drive profit to this point of need – far beyond where industry normally goes.

We help create and nurture small sustainable businesses by supplying them with Little Suns and providing the support they need to create profit.

We aim to make light, energy, and profits available everywhere.